Saw them live and they are awesome! Songs with content, darkness and depth. At the same time, there are songs that stay with me. Can compare with Dio’s first album Holy Diver, both releases grow for each listening and last over time! Barbro is fantastic!
– Björn von Born

One of the best records I’ve heard .. Awesome band, hope for a new record this year… ? ? ?
– Roger Mattsson

Really good concept album with great lyrics which I love. Good mix of different song types. My personal favorite right now is Ode to a Dying Breed. Just listen and enjoy.
– Hans Bull

Barbro Says No! – Expect Resistance

The best album made since “Operation Mindcrime”

We have been working hard to season our dark sound with the blood of our lyrics. We have been inspired by resistance against the men of darkness and the shitty few, who suffocate our future with their greed.

We have something other to offer than technical music, singalong melodies and
empty lyrics.  We offer something unique. A strong stance with an important
political content. Dark tones for a dark future. No nonsense, no compromises,
no fucking bullshit.

Barbro is Greta Thunberg, Rosa Luxemburg and Olof Palme.
Barbro is everyone who will never let the modern age faschism infect them.

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